So here's to everything, coming down to nothing.
razorwire-on-fire: Umbrellas don't help in a hurricane

In a tsunami maybe

sistertastesgreat: Did I forget the lol?

You forgot to fuck off

sistertastesgreat: Sent you an insult and I get nothing I tell you you got nice cups you see it as an insult. BP maybe lol

Fuck off

Anonymous: Ahh thanks, you're lovely! I'd love some vagina in my face tbh. Also, just wanted to say I love your blog, it's pretty great. Hope you have a good night! -Matt

Haha thanks lovey

goodeaar: Hey!! So are you a fun drunk or a mean drunk?

Depends who you are

razorwire-on-fire: Your body is the stuff of wet dreams

Get an umbrella then